Senate Candidate and 9/11 Truth Activist Sander Hicks on the Kevin Barrett Show

Posted in Uncategorized by radiodujour on May 19, 2010

Sander Hicks

May 18, 2010 

Kevin Barrett speaks with 9/11 Truth Activist and US Senate Candidate Sander Hicks who has pledged to campaign hard on a platform of “Truth, Transparency, Peace and Real Economics” in his bid to win the Green Party nomination for US Senate. Despite the 9/11 Truth Movement’s recent setbacks in the courts, for nine years, Hicks has never accepted “no” for an answer. Hicks has physically confronted Rudy Giuliani, Eliot Spitzer, Dick Cheney, Richard Ben Veniste, and the Shreveport FBI, in an attempt to penetrate the cover-up around the biggest crime of our time. 

Direct link to mp3 file:

No Lies Radio 

Sander Hicks:

Kevin Barrett:

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