Are the US Congress and White House zionized occupied territory?

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Kevin Barrett Show

July 20, 2010

Kevin Barrett spends an hour talking with James Petras, author of “War Crimes in Gaza and the Zionist Fifth Column in America”, a book that not only provides a detailed account and illustration of Israeli war crimes in Gaza but also provides a comprehensive analysis of the reasons why more and more people are recognizing that the US Congress and White House are zionized occupied territory.

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Kevin Barrett:

No Lies Radio:


March 6, 2010

Author James Petras joined Kevin Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio Saturday, March 6th and discussed how Israel is impacting US foreign policy.

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Kevin Barrett:

American Freedom Radio:
American Freedom Radio


March 3, 2010 – Truthjihad

James Petras: Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation

The principle propaganda mouthpiece of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO), the Daily Alert (DA), has come out in full support for Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial assassination.


James Petras Books at Amazon.com

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War Crimes in Gaza and the Zionist Fifth Column in America

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