Popular Mechanics James Meigs admits black boxes and aircraft found and studied intensively

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WBUR’s On Point discusses “conspiracy theories”

August 25, 2011

“that’s incorrect, the black boxes have been studied, the aircraft have been studied intensively” – James Meigs, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics magazine’s book, “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts”

(why the official conspiracy theory can’t stand up to the facts)

listen 00:03:22

Direct link to MP3 file:


May 6, 2004 – Washington Post

FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tape: Recording Contained Accounts of Communications With Hijacked Planes

Conspiracy Theories And The Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks – WBUR On Point

Complete show featuring Kevin Ryan who starts at 25:26 – ER

listen 00:50:59

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I did a google search to refresh my memory > The Official 9/11 Commission Report states that the NYC WTC black boxes were not recovered. The flight 77 (pentagon) box was recovered but too damaged to reveal any data. (Popular Mechanics fact checker Davin Coburn also stated on a previous radio interview posted below that DNA from the hijackers was recovered at the pentagon) > Some claim that the only black box that revealed useful data was recovered from Flight 93 – ER


December 29, 2008 – Alex Jones Show

Great interview if you need to get up to speed with Kevin Ryan’s story – ER

Alex Jones talks with engineer and truth activist Kevin Ryan, who was fired from Underwriters Laboratories for not toting the official line on 9/11.


May 14, 2011 – TVO

Jonathan Kay is dispatched with – ER

Richard Gage, Paul Zarembka and Jonathan Kay join Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda to discuss Jonathan’s newest book, “Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground”


April 18, 2011 – WNPR

A good public radio discussion although the producer basically refused to participate – ER

Manny Badillo and Tony Szamboti of the Remember Building 7 campaign along with Cheryl Curtis and JoAnne Bauer of Connecticut 9/11 Truth spoke with Colin McEnroe on WNPR, National Public Radio’s Connecticut affiliate


Feb 23, 2007 – KFNX Radio

“Charles Goyette, of KFNX Radio who describes himself as “agnostic” on this topic, interviews Davin Coburn from Popular Mechanics and burns him on numerous 9/11 topics.”

Listener follows up by calling Davin Coburn

March 14, 2008 – KGO Radio

ABC Radio’s Christine Craft talks to Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth about explosive evidence

Please order Dr. Griffin’s newest book

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  1. PilotsFor911Truth (@PilotsForTruth) said, on August 25, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Meigs and Popular Mechanics did not study any Flight data (FDR). The PM article is dated 2005 and makes no reference to the FDR data, this is why….

    The NTSB didn’t release the FDR data for “AA77” till 2006, and the FDR data for “UA93” till 2007.

    When contacted, the secretary for Popular Mechanics claimed Jim Meigs and Davin Coburn do not wish to debate 9/11 any further.

    See here for recording of that conversation.

    In summary, the FDR data recovered does not support the govt story of events. Popular Mechanics has never addressed the data, and in fact refused to discuss the data.

    Rob Balsamo

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