The World According to Gordon Duff

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The Peter B Collins Show

August 24, 2010

Peter B Collins talks with Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today, who offers a sweeping view of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the WikiLeaks saga, and the events of 9/11. Duff, a Marine veteran of Viet Nam, claims intelligence sources worldwide, especially in Pakistan. He asserts that most events called “terrorism” are false flag events, that Israel’s Mossad is in control of much of the disinformation in circulation today, that bin Laden has been dead for years, that all top officials of the Federal Reserve are dual citizens with “Israeli passports in their dresser drawers next to the marijuana”, that North Korea’s submarines and the nuke they tested came from Israel, and that the WikiLeaks leaks were orchestrated in Tel Aviv. He also has a very different view of Pakistan’s ISI and the insurgents lumped together as the “Taliban”. Duff is an amiable man whose rambling narrative is loaded with information that can’t be proved or disproved by those of us without security clearances, yet his worldview is fascinating and very different from corporate media reports and “conventional wisdom”. Your humble host encourages you to listen with an open mind and adequate skepticism, and decide for yourself.

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Gordon Duff:

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Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century

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We the People

August 21, 2010

Kevin Barrett talks with Thomas E. Woods, author of the important new book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. Dr. Woods (BA Harvard, Ph.D Columbia) is a historian and senior fellow at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, and the author of ten books.

Nullification presents Thomas Jefferson’s argument that states have the right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws by refusing to enforce them, or by actively impeding enforcement. Dr. Woods traces the hidden history of nullification– a concept that was once widely accepted, but which has been gradually obscured by powerful people wielding bad arguments. Nullification is becoming increasingly prominent today as states nullify federal drug laws (by legalizing medical marijuana), the Real ID Act (by refusing to implement it), and Obamacare (by standing up for their citizens’ rights to refuse to buy mandatory private health insurance). Since the Constitution explicitly lists what the federal government can do, and reserves everything else to the states and the people, it seems that the rogue regime.

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Thomas E. Woods:

Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century
New York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., explains, “nullification” allows states to reject unconstitutional federal laws.

Thomas Woods speaks on Nullification at Nullify Now Los Angeles – June 1, 2001

Web of Debt
Ellen Brown explodes the myths about our money system which is not what we have been led to believe. The creation of money has been privatized, or taken over by a private money cartel. Except for coins, all of our money is now created as loans advanced by private banking institutions — including the private Federal Reserve.

Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

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Barry and Family

August 19, 2010

Alex Jones talks with investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. In a recent articles, Madsen has provided bombshell revelations and extensive information about Barack Obama’s CIA origins. During the show today, Wayne will reveal additional information.

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Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation (infowars.com)


Shouldn’t it tweak someone’s curiosity just a little bit when they find out that obama’s mother worked for tim geithner’s father? . . . coincidence? . . small world?

Seeded Google Search for “Obama Mother Geithner Father”


August 18, 2010 – Veteran’s Today
Wayne Madsen: Obama’s CIA Connections, Part I and II


Obama’s billionaire finance chair Penny Pritzker’s failed bank lost money for 1,400 customers.


BARACK OBAMA (D) Top Contributors

Mr. MacMichael talks about the impending attack on Iran

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The Alex Jones Show

August 17, 2010

Alex Jones talks with David MacMichael, a former CIA analyst who also served as an analyst for the National Intelligence Council from 1981-1983. MacMichael resigned from the CIA in July 1983 because he felt the Agency was misrepresenting intelligence for political reasons. He is a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, founding member of Association of National Security Alumni and the Association for Responsible Dissent, and an outspoken critic of the Iraq War. Mr. MacMichael talks with Alex about the impending attack on Iran.

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Alex Jones:

Hamid Gul has a message you need to hear

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The Alex Jones Show

August 16, 2010

In a landmark interview, Alex Jones talks with former director of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, Hamid Gul. Mr. Gul recently characterized the “leaked” Wikileaks documents implicating him in a string of attacks against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan as “malicious, fictitious, and preposterous.”

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Alex Jones:


Former Pakistani ISI General Hamid Gul questions the official story of 9/11 on CNN.

The Wikileaks Limited Hang-Out and the Coming War With Iran

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Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner

August 11, 2010

“The Wikileaks Limited Hang-Out and the Coming War With Iran” with Webster Tarpley. How the massive document dump plays into US geostrategy; comparisons with the Pentagon Papers; war provocation incidents; Wikileaks Board; Cass Sunstein; Google; In-Q-Tel; Operation Keyhole.

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Bonnie Faulkner:

Webster Tarpley



Webster Tarpley

Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, Fourth Edition

Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

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Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

August 10, 2010


August 10, 2010 – Veteran’s Today

The Physics of the 9/11 Truth Movement

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Steppin' Out of Babylon with Sue Supriano

August 9, 2010

Sue Supriano talks to David Chandler who is a physics teacher, a Quaker peace activist, and an independent 9/11 researcher, active with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and on the board of the International Center for 9/11 Studies. He noticed that something was amiss with the way the buildings fell on 9/11 and did precise measurements of the motions associated with the building collapses and straightforwardly applied Newton’s laws of motion to show what this implied about the forces at work.

Chandler thinks that the free fall of the buildings is one of the clearest smoking guns for the use of explosives on 9/11. A paper describing his analysis can be found online at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Chandler’s’ analysis proves that approximately 90% of the structural support had to have been removed from the North Tower for it to come down with constant downward acceleration as it did. Building 7 (the third building to undergo rapid, total destruction on the evening of 9/11) came down at absolute freefall as well so that also had to have its existing inner structure previously removed. Besides clarifying the dynamics of the building collapses, David Chandler has built a solid case that the official NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) investigation was an elaborate coverup, involving not just errors, but that it was fraudulent. Chandler is working on a documentary DVD that will tie together all of his work. Go to his website below and the numerous analytical videos posted by him on YouTube for more details.

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David Chandler:

Sue Supriano:

Recommended documentaries to view with family and friends

Zero: an investigation into 9/11
An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis – that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
Dramatically narrated by Daniel Sunjata of FX s Rescue Me, and an outspoken advocate for the First Responders, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup first examines mysterious and infamous events that reshaped world history from the Reichstag Fire in 1933 that catapulted Hitler to dictatorship – to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 that led to the Vietnam War, and then takes viewers on a turbulent journey through several pivotal moments in history before delving into the most significant catastrophe in recent memory, 9/11.

9/11: Press For Truth
Out of the grieving thousands left behind on September 11th, a small group of activist families emerged to demand answers.

Kevin Barrett wants to build a taxpayer funded mega-mosque at ground zero

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The plane flew over the pentagon

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National Security Alert!

August 7, 2010

Kevin Barrett talks with Craig Ranke of Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), makers of the documentary National Security Alert. They discuss the CIT tour of Europe scheduled around this upcoming 9/11 anniversary. Craig also discusses 911blogger’s bizarre decision to censor Barrie Zwicker’s ringing endorsement of CIT.

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Craig Ranke

Kevin Barrett:

American Freedom Radio


Dwain Deets endorses Citizen Investigation Team & their presentation “National Security Alert”

Dwain Deets appointed as NASA Dryden Aerospace Projects Director


Barrie Zwicker endorses Citizen Investigation Team’s presentation “National Security Alert”

Barrie Zwicker: “The evidence now shows, well past reasonable doubt, what happened. It was detonation of explosives within the building, timed to coincide with a flyover by a large jet plane, thus producing the clever illusion that flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, heart of the official 9/11 Pentagon lie . . . To add insult to insult, the same perpetrators have assigned disinformation specialists to attack the honest citizen detectives of CIT. This suggests, to me at least, that hidden behind and within the dark and treasonous false flag deception carried out at the Pentagon on 9/11 are even darker secrets. To me, two most important questions now, almost nine years after the events, urgently call out for investigation. First, who are those behind the vicious attempts to discredit the work of the Citizen Investigation Team? Second, what are the motives of the would-be discreditors and those behind them? I say ‘attempts’ because careful examination of the arguments CIT’s tormentors show them to be tricky and unreliable — as flimsy as the official story they try to defend.”