The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone

The FBI investigates the crash site

May 4, 2010

Kevin Barrett talks to Four Arrows (Don Jacobs) who is the co-author of American Assasination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone. Both Kevin and Four Arrows were “hounded” out of academic jobs due to their support for 9/11 truth (and in Four Arrows case, the truth about Wellstone’s death).

No Lies Radio

Kevin Barrett:
Truth Jihad

American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone
Why did the FBI state that they were treating the site as a “crime scene” although there were “no indications of any criminal activity”? How could the FBI so very swiftly conclude and state publicly, before NTSB arrived, that there was “no evidence of terrorism” involved? Why did the NTSB search for a “black box” for a day and a half and then conclude that there hadn’t been one, after all? AMERICAN ASSASSINATION confirms the worst fears of a nation. Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered.

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