Last Episode Tonight: Jesse Ventura tackles Apocalypse 2012

Wed, January 13 at 10P (EST)

It’s believed that the world is heading for disaster in 2012 and the government is preparing to save and protect the elite – while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Jesse Ventura investigates claims of top secret underground bunkers being built in places ranging from the Nevada desert to the White House, including the largest, now under construction beneath a major metropolitan airport.



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New York, NY 10016


January 6, 2010 – TruTV
Authors and experts warn that forces within the government have revived a program that uses mind control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins. This real-life Manchurian Candidate seems outlandish-until Jesse Ventura searches for the evidence and goes face-to-face with a man who claims he’s one of the killers.


December 30, 2009 – TruTV
Video: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies

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