JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

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Dr. Preston James often takes issue with America being ruled by satanic child killers. Many read what he writes. Some believe, many do not. I can state with moderate certainty that, if anything, Preston James understates. Here, however, is a different version, one well written and presented.

Alex Powers asked me to put this up today. I am in about 20 minutes watching it and have learned two things, one about the Dulles brothers. Thus far I see this as a “cheap and lazy” chance to get something akin to a quality education in 20th century history with more than a smattering of economics.

Noted thus far is a version of the holocaust now questioned and many “facts” that are not in evidence.

Far more serious is the attempt in this video to show the Rothschild backing of the robber barons and how the “City of London” backed Hitler and yet lying about the Bank of English being Rothschild controlled.

Is the video propaganda? Yes. What is it hiding? The same Americans who financed Hitler financed Lenin. In fact, Lenin was sent to Russia by the Rothschilds. One longstanding question has been the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Suppressing this document has been the dominating force leading to control of western press for over a hundred years and yet, in Paris just last week, we saw an operation right out of the Protocols, so clear only the most mentally infirm couldn’t see it.

Source: Gordon Duff

Kurt Haskell Returns to the Alex Jones Show

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Attorney Kurt Haskell
January 13, 2015

Alex Jones speaks with Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell, who filed a civil lawsuit against the government in the underwear bomber case after seeing the suspect being aided onto Delta Flight 253 by a well dressed man, about the recent Paris shootings and why he and other people think it’s a staged false flag event.

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